Portuguese nationality requests have reached a seven year record

Translated from the original in Portuguese found here

The number of requests to obtain Portuguese nationality has reached the highest value of the last seven years in 2016, totaling 35,416, according to the Annual Report of Internal Safety data (ARIS).

The 2016 report informs that of 35,416 requests to obtain Portuguese nationality, the Immigration and Borders Service has issued 27,155 decisions on the matter, 26,061 were positive and 1,094 negative.

The report indicates that the citizens who requested Portuguese nationality last year were mainly from Brazil (10,063), Cape Verde (3,126), Ukraine (2,352), Turkey (1,704) and Angola (1,470).

There are also a requests from Guinea Bissau (1,406), India (925), Israel (891) Sao Tomé and Principe (832), Moldavia (498), Romania (367), Pakistan (317), Russia (296), Nepal (268) and Mozambique (266).

The significant increase of Portuguese nationality requests made by citizens from Israel and Turkey is related to the regulation of Portuguese nationality of foreigners who are descendants from Portuguese Sephardic Jews.

According to ARIS, most of requests are related to the acquisition of nationality by naturalization (70%) and through marriage or more than three years partnership with a Portuguese citizen (14%).

Most of requests made through marriage concern native people from Brazil (2,015), Cape Verde (381), Guinea-Bissau (233), India (216) and Moldavia (132).

The report indicates that “the number of negative information has increased for the past two years as a result of more requests made by the Central Registry Office investigate regarding the existence or not of marriages of convenience or fraudulent marriages as a  way of acquiring Portuguese nationality”.


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