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More than 37,000 foreign citizens requested Portuguese nationality in 2017

The 2017 Immigration, Frontiers and Asylum Report (RIFA) indicates that the SEF issued 28,673 citizenship decisions, 27,362 of which were positive and 1,311 negative.
According to the document, which will be presented during the ceremony marking the 42 years of the Foreigners and Borders Service, those who acquired most Portuguese nationality in 2017 were the natives of Brazil (10,805), Cabo Verde (3,022), Israel (2,539), Ukraine (1,960) and Angola (1,613).
The SEF also highlights other foreigners such as the native from Turkey (1,329), Guinea-Bissau (1,258), Sao Tome and Principe (835), India (646), Moldova (438), Morocco (390), Romania (358), Nepal (297), Pakistan (254) and Russia (235).
“The marked growth of requests for citizenship of citizens from Israel and Turkey is due to the amendment of the Portuguese nationality regulation concerning the naturalization of foreigners descended from Portuguese Sephardic Jews,” comments the document.

Translated from the original in Portuguese found here

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