Articles on Portuguese Citizenship for Sephardic Jews

“The media buzz in Israel regarding the Sephardi Jews law, caused the Spanish legislator to make the conditions difficult …”

On the couch with Yoram Zara, who has a law firm that handles Portuguese passports and citizenships for Jews in Israel, Britain and the United States. Hello Yoram! Hello! First, greetings on your Portuguese passport. Thank you. How did you get what many Israelis would want now in their pockets? See, I am of the […]

Billionaire Patrick Drahi has got a new passport: Portuguese

Descendant of Sephardi Jews, billionaire Patrick Drahi has acquired the Portuguese nationality. It is the third passport obtained by him. Patrick Drahi (born 1963) is a Moroccan-born businessman with French, Israeli and now Portuguese citizenship, living in Switzerland since 1999. He is the founder and controlling shareholder of the Netherlands-based telecom group Altice listed on the Amsterdam stock […]